Complicated Mechanisms Explained in Simple Animations

Radial Engines

Radial engines are used in aircrafts having propeller connected to the shaft delivering power in order to produce thrust its basic mechanism is as follows.

Steam Engine Principle

Steam engine once used in locomotives was based on the reciprocating principle as shown below.

Sewing Machine

Maltese Cross Mechanism

This type of mechanism is used in clocks to power the second hand movement.

Manual Transmission Mechanism

The mechanism also called as “stick shift” is used in cars to change gears mannually.

Constant Velocity Joint

This mechanism is used in the front wheel drive cars.

Torpedo-Boat destroyer System

This system is used to destroy fleet in naval military operations.

Rotary Engine

Also called as Wankel engine is a type of internal combustion engine has a unique design that converts pressure into rotating motion instead of reciprocating pistons.

Source: World of Technology

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