Dear Me: Two Months Left

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It is October.

I wonder what would happen in these last two months left. Can I complete my thesis writing together with my programming project? Too many things have not been done, but the time is just as how it should be, running and ticking without waiting even if I ask it to stop.

Everyone is rushing, so am I. But it would not be too smooth for me, I am really aware of that. I am not that good in programming, and even I did not learn C++ during my degree. Perhaps the only thing that I have related to programming is the basic C Programming, which I learned in my first year degree.

Actually, I did some programming in my final year degree project. With help from my classmate (he is now pursuing a PhD in the same faculty but different department), thanks to him it was over. But only Allah knows, He destines my life afterwards with another programming related project. Yup, I have to learn it myself then, with Google as my main teacher.

Now working with Network Simulator 2, I swear it would be fun if you already have the basic understanding of OTcl and C++ language. And it would be much easier if you are familiar with broadband network. But whether you are familiar or not with all those things mentioned above, that is what we call research - self study of all the new things.

Sometimes, you would have to get in touch with other researchers (e.g. via email), but you must be aware that most of them have their other commitments. That is the main reason for you never getting a reply when you ask them anything - the most frustrated thing for a "lost" research student.

Things get more difficult when you do not have any income. That is why you should try your very best to complete your thesis the most earlier you can in order to avoid any financial problem afterwards. Doing a part time job is an option, but you also need most of your time to complete your research.

But guys, I need a part time job right now. Is there anyone who would like to hire me?

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  1. hurm semoga dipermudahkan semua urusan akak tue Amin

    anyway takde part time la nk kasi ke akak.. cuma part time jadi bidadari masa saya kawen nt blh la hihihi

  2. erm takpe yu. usaha sampai abis

    nk kawen ? hikhikik

  3. assalamualaikum sunah...moga akan dpt apa yg diingini itu dgn segera...:)

  4. part time editor ke..try telaga biru,rasa macam ada jawatan kosong..:)


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