Challenging the Routine

This tiredness is obviously because of our lack of sleep last night.

And of course added by our activities this morning.

It was just my first day to get back to the track. Since she moved out from our house, I rarely did my outdoor workout. Most of the times, I would just did crunches while waking up from bed. Or did multiple squats in front of the mirror. Everything that would not need me to go outside.

But now, here she is. She will be staying with us for a week, so she asked me to do what have we done together before. I said okay, I would love to. Plus, I need to be fit before March next year. Or maybe before the end of September, too.

We would do walking, jogging, squats, crunches, all the things which can help her to lose weight. But, we realized it is not only about exercise. We have to manage her diet, too. Exercise without proper diet would not get you anywhere. Same goes to diet without exercise. You may lose weight, but to certain point, you will not lose more.

It is certainly not easy to challenge yourself to do something out of your routine. But insya'Allah I'll try to help. In the mean time, I'm helping myself, too!

May Allah ease.

P/S: Ya, I'll try to write in English from now on. Sorry for bad grammar, weird sentences, lack of vocabularies and so on. The learning is in progress.

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