8 Laws of Personal Branding by AS Zaim Salimun

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.

Tuesday night last week, I went to a weekly training class by RHB Asset Management team at the management office of Empire Legacy Agency located in Bandar Seri Kembangan, Selangor. The sharing session that night was by AS Zaim Salimun, one of the financial advisors from Empire Legacy Agency.

AS Zaim Salimun shared his knowledge about 8 Laws of Personal Branding

The contents of the training class were very interesting yet very useful for an entrepreneur. AS Zaim shared about 8 Laws of Personal Branding which were originally introduced by Brian Tracy. The 8 Laws of Personal Branding paraphrasing by AS Zaim are as follows:

  1. Specialization: Focus on one product at a time - you want people to remember you anytime and anywhere they see the respective product.
  2. Leadership: Lead the way by example.
  3. Personality: Do SWOT Analysis. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses? Take note of opportunities and threats around you.
  4. Distinctiveness: Approach your prospect with something different and unique from others. Every effort counts, be a good listener.
  5. Visibility: Make sure people know what you do. You must be visible REPEATEDLY and CONSISTENTLY.
  6. Utility: Utility is Honesty - Are you the same person on the social media as you are on the outside?
  7. Persistence: Be consistent with your brand... all the time. Changing path now and then will confuse people.
  8. Good Will: Recheck your intentions? Are your intentions well intended for the greater good and valued ideals?

After all, good personal branding leads to reputational capital. Remember, a brand is values, and in branding, everything counts.

Thank you AS Zaim for knowledge sharing. We can see that those 8 Laws of Personal Branding are very useful in term of business and career.

So, when will you start your own journey in building up your personal branding?

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