Determining Your Dominant Eye

Be sure that you check your eye dominance before buying your first bow. This is an often overlooked but one of the most important discoveries for any person or athlete who is participating in any sport that requires physical movement to propel an object accurately to a target or position on a field.

A shooter should always have the bow string directly in front of the predominant eye as the arrow is attached to the bowstring and the back and front of the arrow must be in alignment for an accurate shot.

The following method is one of the easiest ways to checking eye dominance for both adults and even very young children:

* Extend both hands forward of your body and place the hands together making a small triangle (approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch per side) between your thumbs and the first knuckle.

* With both eyes open, look through the triangle and center something such as a doorknob or the bullseye of a target in the triangle.

* Close your left eye. If the object remains in view, you are right eye dominant. If your hands appear to move off the object and move to the left, then you are left eye dominant.

* To validate the first test, look through the triangle and center the object again with both eyes open.

* Close your right eye. If the object remains in view, you are left eye dominant. If your hands appear to move off the object and move to the right, then you are right eye dominant.

One more alternative method is to assume the same position with your hands forming the triangle around the object and have both eyes open. Now, slowly bring your hands toward your face while continuing to look at the object with both eyes open. When your hands touch your face, the triangle opening should be in front of your dominant eye.

Repeat the above tests a number of times to satisfy yourself that you are sure which eye is your dominant eye.

Right eye dominant people should partake in all shooting sports as right-handed participants. Left eye dominant people should participate as lefties. Exceptions can be made to this general rule but most of the exceptions have to do with physical adversities.

Admin: I'm a right eye dominant~ =)

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