Relaunch Oasis Restaurant, Thistle Johor Bahru

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.

Oasis Restaurant @ Thistle, JB

Oasis Restaurant first opened on 1st July 2009 from strength to strength since that first evening of service. It is an Italian restaurant located at Thistle Johor Bahru. This year, further investment has been made in the restaurant with a new look and feel brand, new social websites and new menu. Now, Oasis comes with 54 Italian creations that fuse the mouth-watering taste of food with the exciting new flavors which known as the first one in town.

Oasis Restaurant @ Thistle, JB

Oasis has 18 sauces, 15 types of pasta and 10 types of pizza. For this September, they have 3 signature dishes which are Trio Pasta, Nusantara Pizza and Dome Pizza. Trio Pasta is Fettucine pasta comes in three different colours which are pink, blue and green. These colours are natural colours extracted from rosa altissimo flower, blue peas flower which is usually used for Nasi Kerabu and green spinach. I have tasted these Trio Pastas with three different sauces, which are bolognese, carbonara and aglio olio. I love the bolognese and aglio olio sauces more than carbonara.

Trio Pasta with three different colours @ Oasis Restaurant, Thistle JB

Furthermore, they have Nusantara Pizza which is topped with sambal ikan bilis and minced chicken rendang. It tasted like you eat nasi lemak but in a shape of pizza or should I just call it "Pizza Nasi Lemak?" Haha. I really love this pizza! Its thin crust goes well with the toppings. Another signature pizza is the Dome Pizza which looks like a pie and filled with braised lamb meat and vegetable. The pizza is based with pizza bread, layered with its lamb stew filling and topped with pastry puff. It tasted very nice and I love it too!

Nusantara Pizza @ Oasis Restaurant, Thistle JB

Dome Pizza @ Oasis Restaurant, Thistle JB

All the menu are prepared with olive oil and fresh herb oils for a healthy lifestyle. Besides that, vegetarians also can visit their outlet as they have some interesting menus for them such as Fruit Pizza, Mushroom Risotto, Trio Pasta Oasis Rigatoni Ratatouille and more.

Pasta Peanut Sauce @ Oasis Restaurant, Thistle JB

The restaurant is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 6 pm until 10.30 pm and close on Monday. With their latest investment in their business, they are making a strong commitment to serve the locals with affordable price. Their signature dishes start from RM18 nett. They value the relationship with locals as they are their guests and primary target market.

Chef Hapis showed us how to bake the seafood pasta @ Oasis Restaurant, Thistle JB

They have Sous Chef and Chef De Partie, Chef Raja Hapis and Che Hisham respectively with 3 comice. Their chefs and friendly staffs are the backbones of the restaurant. As an introduction, they have promotions until 30 September 2019.



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  1. Terliur, berterabur iman tengok post makan jer nih ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. igtkan thistle ada kat port dickson shj..hehe

    anyway, makanan kalau kat hotel mmg confirm sedap2..

  3. masihhh terbayanggg kesedapannn pasta kaler2 dengan pizza nusantara diaa... boleh dikatakan semua menu yang disediakan nii 90% ain puas hatiiiiiii...nyum nyumm nyumm....


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