Vignesa Kalidevan Won 'You vs Food' Competition at Oasis Restaurant, Thistle Johor Bahru

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.

You vs Food @ Thistle, JB

You vs Food is a burger eating competition organized by Thistle Johor Bahru held on 31st August 2018. This competition is a promotional event which draws attention to their new Burger menu at Glass Restaurant. Their initial step to introduce this event is on Facebook and Instagram where they made a fun "What Is?" guessing contest. One of their followers, Mr. Vignesa Kalidevan won their D'Thistle Hi Tea for two for this contest. In conjunction with a long weekend holiday, this event not only attracting their Johoreans to join in fun-filled activities, kids also had a chance to participate in Do It Yourself burger and lucky draw contest.

Participants required to finish 6 small burgers in the first and second round @ Thistle, JB

Burger eating competition is known as their primary competition, which separated into 3 rounds. In the first and second round, participants were split into two different groups and competed by eating 6 small burgers. Two participants who finish faster were selected to the third round. In the third round, the two participants were required to finish 12-inch burgers. The first participant who finishes the burger was announced as the winner of the You vs Food competition. Again, Mr. Vignesa Kalidevan who won the guessing contest won the burger eating competition yesterday. He won a 2D1N stay at Thistle, Port Dickson while the 1st runner-up won RM100 Dine-in voucher at Oasis Restaurant.

Participants required to finish 6 small burgers in the first and second round @ Thistle, JB

Mr. Vignesa Kalidevan won You vs Food @ Thistle, JB

The 12-inch burger for final round @ Thistle, JB

The kids who won the DIY burger contest won a Complimentary High Tea Buffet for two at Glass Restaurant, while an RM50 Dine-in voucher at Oasis Restaurant is gifted as the consolation prizes. The lucky draw was separated into two categories, one for the participants, and another one for the media. The lucky winners won a Complimentary High Tea Buffet for two at Glass Restaurant.

Kids getting ready to DIY burger @ Thistle, JB

The participant fee for this competition was free and only 31 participants were allowed to participate as 31 is a significant number to celebrate Merdeka Day. As mentioned earlier, the burger is started to sell as one of the promotional items at Glass Restaurant. This promotion valid from 15th August 2018 onwards at only RM18 nett where it comes with six different types of homemade meat patty such as Fish, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Rabbit, and Vege.

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  1. 6 bijik burger nak habiskan?? perghh.. tapi hadiah buat pemenang agak menarik ye.
    Janji Kita

  2. nasibb sempatt bedal burger ayam yang peserta tuh makan... sedap gak lahh...hahhahaa.tapi kalau nak mentekedarah sampai 6 biji, boleh muntahhh kauu.hahhahaa...

  3. Power weyhhh tak pecah ke perut diaaaaa hahaha


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