Do I Have To Kill It Too?

I have this kind of feeling since I read Abang Eq's entry on his blog that day.

It keeps rolling in my mind.

Should I?

Do I have to?

He decided to kill his facebook (in that entry) until next year. What a long time to keep yourself away from all those things to focus on your PhD research. But I saw him on it a few days back. And he just updated his facebook an hour ago. =.="

And...did you know that the entry is gone?

No where to be found on his blog anymore.

Never mind! Hahaha~ XD

I just wanna share his thoughts back then.

He makes me think.

As for me, should I kill my facebook for -- may be until the end of this month? Or until I complete my research thesis? And same question goes to my tumblr, blogdrive and twitter accounts.


But my younger sister said, "Actually, it's the thing that you can control without killing it. If there's a will, there's a way..."

Oh, I should think deeply!

Eh, maybe just forget it!

Leave it, I have other things with higher priority to be thought of... =.="

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  1. hehe..kann..rse nk off fb gak..adeyh..

    eh ade tumblr/?..nk=)

  2. dulu pernah deactivate FB.tak sampai beberapa jam activate balik.huhu

  3. ai rase bukan bunuh tapi tanamkan dsplin

    dsplinkan diri itu kunci utama nk pokus research.

    btw akk ai da give up die nye kajian sbb letih msuk lab

    jgn yu pon gve up da le


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