Sorry, I Can't Put More Trust

The Past by ~Buszujacy-w-zbozu on deviantART

Yes, some people say don't judge a person by his or her past, look for who he or she is today.

But your past which I was involved in makes it OUR past, and our past is something that I want to keep far away from my life.

No, it's not that I want to keep it.

I want to throw it away, far away till I can't reach it anymore.

I'm so sorry because I can't forget.

It really takes time.

May be forever.


  1. Ye lg2 soal hati

    maybe bole forgive but not forget

  2. sokong Iffah. boleh forgive but cant forget.

  3. kesilapan lalu mungkin dapat diaafkan tapi parut luka tetap mengguris hati

  4. huhu.,,forget but not forgive hahaha

  5. kadang2 ssh utk lupa
    sedang laluiii...

  6. knape ni?? ade ape2 yg tak kena ke???

  7. We wud never forget... Unless when come to insane disease....

  8. assalamualaikum sunah...betul tu memang sukar untuk melupakan perkara yg dah lepas ianya akan mengambil masa yg lama dan mungkin selama2nya...:)

  9. memang susah dilupakan masa lalu, tapi cuba jadikan ia kekuatan dan pengajaran untuk menempuh masa hadapan!

  10. nice entry... keyword, forgive and forget.. nice entry.

  11. susah kan nak lupakan..
    ini kisah sy:
    pernah tanya sorg naqibah,mcm mana nak lupakan kesalahan org pd kita yg mmg sgt mnyakitkan ati,mmg dah maafkan tp stil teringat2..die ckp,kalo kita takleh lupakan means kita lom betol2 maaf lagi..or blom redha lagi dgn ap yg jd..nanti masa hari hisab,kita yg ssh juga sbb kut2 kita masuk syurga tp xpasal2 kena delayed sbb diseret utk jwb soklan yg ade kaitan dgn org yg wat salah kt kte tuh..huuu..

  12. semoga ALLAH sentiasa bimbing kamu.. =)

  13. ^___^

    awat ngah..
    yg tut tut tuttttttttttt eh?

  14. Err, r u okay ? hehe, kecewa je entrynya.. Ganbatte nee~

    Ramai yang dapat memaafkan tp x ramai dpt melupakan, kan huu, termasok sy la =_="

  15. akk pn ssh nk lupakan benda lama yg xnak di ingati..huhuu

  16. kenangan lama..
    mana mungkin dilupakan..
    melainkan kita buat-buat lupa..

  17. once i had been lied..
    forever will be doubt..



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