Consume these 5 Spices for Weight Loss

Consume these 5 Spices for Weight Loss

Consume these 5 Spices for Weight Loss:

1) Cinnamon - Helps reduce blood sugar and helps carbs process healthier.
2) Cayenne Pepper - Contains capsaicin which burns fat.
3) Mustard Seed - Boosts metabolism 20% - 25% for several hours after consumption.
4) Ginger - Acts as diuretic, improves gastric mobility, hinders cholestrol absorption.
5) Black Pepper - Boosts metabolism, helps digestion, and aids nutrient absorption.

Add them to your food or drinks and enjoy the benefits!

Source: Suhanijain


  1. Black pepper, Kulit kayu manis, ceyenne dan halia guna dalam masakan je. Tapi tak lah hari hari. huhu
    Mustard Seed tu tak pernah tengok..hihi
    lambat lah kurus gini.

  2. Uishhh idok lee maunyaa kecuali lada hitam, letak dalam sup lobak putih yang aku sekarang makan untuk cut sugar aku hahahahahaa

  3. Bahan-bahan ini biasa kita gunakan dalam masakan, dan tanpa sengaja membantu hilangkan berat badan rupanya ye.


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