Wordless Wednesday: Self Isolation

Self Isolation Offers at Holiday Inn Johor Bahru City Centre

Feeling the need to self-isolate?

We have Self-Isolation offers available at our hotel from 13 January till 26 January 2021. A care kit will be provided upon arrival. During your stay, we will minimize contact with our staffs for your safety. All requests can be made via phone call to our reception or via Whatsapp chat to our Duty Manager.

Call us for more info:
Lydia +60127873061
June +60127237437
Rainnee +60197868422

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  1. tok kira kuarintin di hotel la haaa..

  2. Okaylah ada service macam ni kat hotel.

  3. Baruku tahu hotel pun ada buat servis cenggini.

  4. syoknyaaa dpt ddk hotel time mcm ni ;-)

  5. Ko nak teman aku tak? Hahahaha.. Jom laaaa

  6. kalu suka-suka nak isolate kan diri sendiri, aci tak, Sun ?
    ha ha ah ah ha...
    dok rumah ni hah - masak. kemas. esok aida da start kena pdpr dgn anak.
    hadoi lah :)


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