Just Let Me Be...

Petals by ~olakonkel on deviantART

Even though it's over...

I still feel like crying...

Just let me be...

Just Let Me Be... Just Let Me Be... Reviewed by Sunah Sakura on October 24, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. hayooo
    walau ape2 pon akak tgh rase skrg ni
    mie doakan akak kuat ye!

  2. Life must go on...terus bangkit! kuatkan diri...

  3. let me lend my shoulder to cry on..

  4. qaseh ok ... sory lame tak menyinggah , sunah ok tak ni ? kalau rasa nak menangis keluarkan lah air mata tu agar bisa tenang .. dan lepaskan segala lelah mu .. nak pinjam bahu ? hehe

  5. assalamualaikum sunah....menangislah jika kita rasa nak menangis kerana dengan menangis dapat membuatkan hati dan minda kita merasa lega...:)

  6. cenyum.. :D
    nanti akak belanja satay wak radol... hehehe


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