Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

READY, GET SET, LEGOLAND! Experience the thrills at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort with its first-ever vehicle and racing themed festival | The love for vehicles, racing, and speed ignite the thrill for many children and adults. For the first time ever, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort has transformed the Theme Park into a world of racetracks, making way for the all-new Build The Thrills Festival.

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

The festival was launched last Friday, 15th April 2022, with a thrilling live show performance at The Beginning. I had the opportunity to witness the launch ceremony of this festival by CS Lim, Divisional Director at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort that Friday evening. The enthusiastic stunt performance by the yellow uniformed team was very exciting and enjoyable. All the audience enjoyed the giant metal hoop performance and bike stunt show, they did not fail to amaze everyone watching.

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

Set to begin on 15 April until 26 June, the festival brings together a list of buzzing activities and entertaining shows to keep everyone’s engines roaring with excitement, including a chance to witness and take photos with the iconic scaled-up LEGO® Ferrari 512 M model. Weighing a whopping 280kg, at 2700 x 1200 x 700 mm, the life-sized 3D version, took 164 hours of design and development before another 480 hours to build with 78,496 bricks. Guests can also flex their creativity and imagination to build, test and race LEGO® vehicles of their dreams.

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

“Every activity we have curated for the festival at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort came through our passion. We want to create memorable moments for kids and their families as they spend quality time together and learn through play,” said CS Lim, Divisional Director at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

He added, “Guests can engage in thematic role-plays, take part in friendly challenges with awesome prizes and celebrate the best moments together with daily live performances we have prepared.” 

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

The event marks one of the largest partnerships between LEGO and LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, designed for visitors to embrace the love of speed, cars, fun, imagination, and of course, LEGO. Guests can look forward to a fresh and enhanced experience on popular attractions within the theme park. This includes the all-time favourite Driving School, featuring a wider variety of vehicles safe for children to drive and a chance to earn the Best Driver Medal. 

Those who wish to take the challenge up a notch can drop by the LEGO® Mindstorms zone for a series of STEM-based workshops, robotic maze racer, as well as building and testing a vehicle using LEGO® Technic. 

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

“As children return to schools after a prolonged break, the event complements learning through play by enabling an immersive build experience, unleashing their imagination and stimulating their creativity. At Build The Thrills, we are generating both exciting and creative experiences such as pit stop building activities and testing centres, allowing children to embrace expressing themselves while interacting with others,” CS explained.

What Else to Expect at LEGOLAND Build The Thrills

Live Performances:
Sing and dance along with the stars of LEGO Friends of Heartlake City, who will all be performing in brand-new racing outfits at the Friends Rally Showcase. In addition to the daily opening and farewell shows, there will also be an impressive line-up of Stunt Shows, Tech Mech, and Bike Stunts.  

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

Meet and Greet:
Meet the LEGO racers: the Technical Builder, the Speed Champion, and the City Racer, all dressed in racing gear. Be sure to also catch the fantastic characters Emmet, Wyldstyle, Elvie and Bricky around the resort.

Other Activities:
  • Love a good mystery and problem to solve? Get your detective hat on to find and spot unique LEGO vehicles throughout the Theme Park.
  • Double down on the action with the Pit Stop Building Activity where you can build your very own racing car or stunt vehicle and put it to the test.
  • Fire up your competitive side with Rescue Academy. Be the fastest family to finish the fire rescue challenge to win a badge for the kids.
  • Daily Lucky Draw with amazing gifts every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where winners can experience standing on a podium during the prize giving ceremony. 
  • A variety of certificates of achievement to earn by completing the build activities. Visit the Track Attack Showcase, where kids can try out the epic vehicles.
  • Fuel your energy at the Food Truck and The Café where the kid’s meal will be served on a car dinner plate, available only during the event.

Build The Thrills 2022 Festival at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

For more information on LEGOLAND Build The Thrills, head over to the official website at https://www.legoland.com.my/explore/shows-entertainment/build-the-thrills/ or LEGOLAND social media pages on Facebook and Instagram

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(*All promotions are exclusively available on the official LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort website. Retail offers are also available at the Resort)

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