No, I'm Not Okay

No, I'm Not Okay | Sometimes, life gives you a storm. You become miserable, the path is too tough for you to handle it. Your heart is broken and you are so tired of pretending that you are okay and getting better. You surely are not okay!

You want to be alone, you keep a distance from everyone including your loved ones. You just don't want to be disturbed at your very bad moment of life. Enough of all those cliche motivational talks. You have them all in your head already.

All you need right now is time.

Just time for yourself. Some good time for you to pick up all the scattered emotions and broken spirits, patch them all together, rebuild the collapsed soul and return with much better you.

Just have your time.

Take your time. But don't make it too long. Everyone is waiting.

If the storm of life gives you a big blow, don't worry, just give it a great smile and pursue to leave distinctive footprints with perseverance and tenacity regardless of how arduous the errand may be. It may not be so easy but, dare to win! - Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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  1. It can really get hard for you to get out of such conditions..sabar..insyaallah apa je dugaan pasti ada kemanisan di akhirnya...

  2. kenapa sedih sangat, banyakkan sabar moga di beri ketenangan semua masalha di permudah

  3. semoga dipermudahkan segalanya ye.

  4. semoga dipermudahkan dan happily ever after ok..

  5. okay sahaja la..

    kalau tidak diuji mana tahu erti kehidupan dunia.

    kata orang tua macam pakcik nie ..

    dunia adalah pentas ujian

    berjaya atau tidak lalui sahaja dengan hati yang lapang dan tenang..

  6. sometimes someone really need his/her own time. Pls take yours as well but don't take too long as the rest still need you to be around them.

  7. Ye, betul. Ada kalanya nak bersendirian dan tenangkan diri.


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