Sunday, June 19, 2011

Speechless Sunday #1 : Soff...!

Gambar dari SINI

"I'm speechless to see thousands of Muslims can form a soff in just a tick once the Imam said to do so..."

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  1. i'm speechless too.

    that's the beauty of Islam :)

  2. teringin nak pi sini dengan keluarga.. insyaALLAH satu hari nanti.. aminnnn :)

  3. mase aku pergi itu hari..lagi ramai dari yang ni..kebetulan haji akbar..mmg dasat rr

  4. subhanallah...cantik nya..nampak perpaduan...kan bagus kalau kat tempat lain jemaah pun ramai mcm ni...

    -Yok mampir diluk = serangan tikus makin menjadi...

  5. speechless jugak! indahnya Islam..

  6. subhanallah!!

    nak join speechless laa.. i've got some photo that might be SPEECHLESS too

  7. yg dipnggil beauty of islam...

  8. saya pun speechless bila tengok gambar tu..huhu



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