We're Blooming!

We're Blooming!

We're blooming by *Lady-Tori on deviantART

We're blooming
The time is running
On our feet we stand
Watching everything

Do you feel the wind?
Do you smell the scents?
The atmosphere around us
Are sparkling with joy

The bees keep coming by
The birds keep chirping
Do you ever recognize
That we're blooming?


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With love, General SSS.com

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  1. we are blooming..
    yes we are..
    do we recognize it?
    up to ourselves..

  2. pasal spring ke ni> aku suka spring :D

  3. angry birds chirping2 jugak tak..

  4. woww..nice..i loike!!

    hai sunah, lama xdatang cni..sori..
    bz kejar penghutang xbayar utang..

    tau sapa penghutang tu??huh



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