Chinese New Year 2020 Blossoms with Fortune at Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

Chinese New Year 2020 Blossoms with Fortune at Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru | The year 2020 marks the beginning of a much-anticipated decade, which kicks off with a special Chinese New Year celebration at Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru. Themed ‘Garden of Fortune Blossom', a blooming peony flower garden will come to life within the mall, in keeping to the spirit of bringing family and friends closer for the classic tradition of reunion.

Mall visitors can begin their Chinese calendar by witnessing the beautiful mall decoration of peony flowers alongside classic red lanterns, accompanied by melodious, classic Chinese tunes and eight mega cranes representing good fortune and longevity. This larger-than-life festive set-up will surely entice visitors to capture a photograph or two with family and friends at the Main Atrium (Ground Floor) from 3 January 2020 until 16 February 2020.

“Peonies are known as the ‘Flower of Prosperity’ and symbolises richness and peace. Through this beautiful motif, we convey wishes for an auspicious Chinese New Year to all mall visitors, marking a year of increased joy, wealth, and serenity,” says Ms. Selena Chua, Chief Executive Officer of WCT Malls Management.” She added, “At WCT Malls, we believe anything that begins with the right intention and built up with concerted efforts will result in satisfying results. This is what we sincerely hope for all partners, friends, and visitors this Year of the Rat.”

To further complement the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru is working hand-in-hand with the Malaysian Medical Association to organise RSH Health Carnival Johor 2020 at Upper Ground Floor Atrium on 18 January 2020. The event will be graced by the presence of Menteri Besar Johor, Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Dr. Sahruddin Bin Jamal, and will host a variety of activities such as Blood Donation Camp, Organ Donation Camp, Health Screening, CPR Demonstration, Elderly Care Talk, Health Talk and Zumba Demonstration.

Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru will also be offering attractive rewards, exclusive redemptions and fun-filled activities for mall visitors to enjoy.

Chinese New Year Performances

Lion Dance: January 12, 24 & 27
High Stilt Lion: January 19 & 25
Dragon Dance: January 25
Chinese Orchestra: January 19
Mask Face Changing: January 12 & 24
Kung Fu Performance: January 24
Drum Performance: January 19 & 26

Usher in the Chinese New Year with fun festivities and good food at Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru! Peek at the mall’s blossoming decorations and mark your calendars to join the fun in watching these classical performances.

Chinese New Year Workshops

Chinese Calligraphy: January 18
Paper Cutting: January 11

Chinese calligraphy is known to be a key feature of the Chinese New Year celebration; “Ong” words are written on red paper in black ink using a special brush and hung around the home or business premises. Visitors can also learn the art of paper cutting with experienced Sifus, who will be teaching these heritage arts in Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru.

*The workshops are limited to 20 pax per session

God of Fortune Meet & Greet

Dates: January 15, 21, 23, 25, 26 & 27

Bring your little ones to Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru on the dates above to meet God of Fortune and start to experience the festive joys of Chinese New Year!

Gift with Purchase (GWP)

What is Chinese New Year without goodies? Stand a chance to redeem exclusive Chinese New Year merchandise with your purchase.

WCT Ang Pow Packets
Mall visitors who spend RM188 and above in a combination of two receipts will be able to redeem one (1) set of exclusive Ang Pow packets that comes with prints of peony flowers in different shades of pink, yellow and orange. HSBC Credit Card holders and WCT Buddy members will only need to spend a minimum of RM188 in a maximum combination of two receipts to redeem two (2) sets of Ang Pow packets.

WCT Floral Purse
Mall visitors who spend RM688 and above in a combination of six receipts will be able to redeem one (1) exclusive floral purse that comes with prints of peony flowers in two different shades. HSBC Credit Card holders will only need to spend a minimum of RM500 in a maximum combination of five receipts while WCT Buddy members need to spend RM388 in a maximum combination of three receipts to redeem the floral purse.

Purchase with Purchase (PWP)

Chinese New Year is incomplete without savouring the delicious Abalone as part of the reunion dinner. To add to the good fortune, we also have a special in-house deal for shoppers as part of our purchase-with-purchase.

Soon Thye Hang (425 Gram Abalone in Can)
Mall visitors who spend RM188 and above in a combination of two receipts will be able to purchase up to three (3) cans of Soon Thye Hang Abalone at RM28 per can (normal retail price: RM90). HSBC Credit Card holders and WCT Buddy members need only spend RM88 to enjoy this exclusive purchase-with-purchase deal. The delicious abalone is limited to three (3) cans per shopper, while stock lasts.

For more information about the activities and promotions, kindly visit the mall’s website and social media platforms below:

Paradigm Mall JB: www.paradigmmall.com.my/jb



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