Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan | Eagle Ranch Resort sprawls amidst a rugged 32 acres countryside land where EAGLES soar the SKIES. As we entered the main lobby and reach receptionist, our eyes captured the fresh looking surrounding with a few eagle sculptures everywhere.

HOME ON THE RANCH offers a unique concept of a blend Malaysian and Wild Wild West ambience. I could see this as the staffs greet us in their Wild-Wild-West-looking uniform with the cowboy hat. They looked so cool in that outfit. I forgot at the moment, whether I was in an eagle concept resort or in a cowboy concept one. Haha!

Experience their array of accommodation which consists of Log Cabins with open to the sky waterfall showers, Bandwagons, Paddock Chalets or Red Indian Tepees with a choice of queen or twin beds. If you would prefer to experience the Malaysian way of life, then you may opt for a couple of nights at their Kampung House on stilts overlooking their Oasis pool (free form pool).

They offer a choice of Paddock or Log Dormitories with ten and four double deck beds respectively for group bookings or student Survival Programs.

For high powered corporate meetings, motivational team building or leadership programs, social gatherings and family days, they have multiple indoor meeting facilities to cater to the requirement of their guests.

The Resort offers unique action-packed activities including Paintball, Go-Karting, Archery, Obstacles Course, Sea Rafting, Flying Fox and their 37 elements Rope Course which has been accredited the Malaysia Book of Records for the most number of elements and many more corporate outdoor activities.

Indulge in their mouth-watering authentic Malaysian or Western cuisine at Melting Pot or try one of their refreshing Green Barrel Juice at the Watering Hole! To be honest, I had the best Fried Kue Tiaw here! The taste was so good I felt like crying. The chef cooked it at the live station outside the restaurant.

Can't wait to repeat my visit there! Come with me! Let's experience the EXCITING EAGLE ESCAPE together!

Eagle Ranch Resort

Lot 544, Batu 14, Jalan Pantai, 71250 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia



+606 6610 495

+606 6610 829



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  1. aritu family akak buat family day kat sini.. best.. byk aktiviti boleh buat.. view pun cantik...

  2. wah bestnya mama tak penah sampai lagi

  3. Dari Iman kecik sampai besar berangan nak stay sini, hahaha. sebab macam best jer tengok dari luar, best ek

  4. Kita kena bukak kamus laaa nak baca hahahaha....
    Untunglah kalau dapat menginap sini yer....

  5. macam best je tempat ni. belum habis tour n9.

  6. penah msk sekali kt sini ikut pak cik punya annual dinner tp x menginap kat sini...waktu mlm byk nyamuk hehehe


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