28% OF MALAYSIANS DISPOSE OF THEIR EX’S GIFTS INSTEAD OF RE-SELLING, ACCORDING TO CAROUSELL’S IN-APP SURVEY | Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing classifieds marketplaces, recently launched the #MakeSpaceForLove campaign to encourage Malaysians to sell their ex’s items on the platform. An in-app survey was also conducted to understand their users’ post-relationship behaviour and it was discovered that 28% of the 1,926 survey respondents chose to dispose of them.

  • Carousell’s #MakeSpaceForLove Survey studies Malaysian’s behaviour after a relationship break-up.
  • 29.5% of the survey respondents still keep their ex’s gifts for monetary or sentimental value.
  • 74% of Malaysians will consider selling them on Carousell.

Whilst disposing of an ex’s articles may have been easy for some, 29.5% of the respondents said they still keep them because of its worth or its sentimental value.

“It is difficult to move on in a relationship, which is why the recent #MakeSpaceForLove campaign was created to encourage Malaysians to sell their ex’s leftovers on our classifieds marketplace as a positive way to move on. By giving it a second chance would also mean giving themselves a second chance,” said Tang Siew Wai, Country Head of Carousell Malaysia.

Most respondents said that they still have clothes (50.9%), jewelry (21.9%), laptop or smartphone (19.4%) and books (19.4%) from an ex.

However, a little over 25% of respondents said they sold them and bought something else with the money they earned. Most treated themselves to a meal (32.2%), others donated the money (21.4%), paid-off debts (17.1%), or went on a holiday (13.8%).

“Decluttering is one the best ways to start afresh. By selling your ex’s leftovers, it provides the item a new owner that would appreciate it and a new opportunity for yourself to move forward in life. We saw the majority of our respondents say they would consider selling it on Carousell, and you’ll see it’s a great way to treat yourself to something special and nicely close off this chapter in your life.” Siew Wai concluded.

To move on from a breakup, follow Carousell on https://my.carousell.com or download the Carousell app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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