Hebatnya Cik Lebah!

TEL AVIV, Israel Palestine lah!, Jan. 7, 2011 — Physicists have demonstrated how the Oriental hornet takes the sun’s energy and converts it into electric power, in particular the brown and yellow stripes on the hornet’s abdomen, which absorb solar radiation.

"The interesting thing here is that a living biological creature does a thing like that," said physicist David Bergman, professor at Tel Aviv University's School of Physics and Astronomy, who was part of the team that made discovery. "The hornet may have discovered things we do not yet know."

In partnership with the late Professor Jacob Ishay of the university's Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Bergman and his doctoral candidate Marian Plotkin engaged in a truly interdisciplinary research project to explain the biological processes that turn a hornet's abdomen into solar cells. Read more HERE.

Subhanallah...hebatnya serangga ciptaan Allah yang satu ni hingga dijadikan satu surah dalam al-Quran khas untuknya. Jika dulu lebah hanya dikenali kerana madunya yang bermanfaat, hari ini penyelidik melihat lebih jauh akan kelebihannya. Tapi...kalau umat Islam yang menyelidik dan menemuinya terlebih dahulu daripada 'mereka' ini, alangkah bagusnya...

Selidikilah al-Quran, insya'Allah akan kamu temui lebih banyak rahsia ciptaanNya.. :)

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