AirAsia’s Teleport Delivered Special Graduation Package to 112 Dignity Students

AirAsia’s Teleport Delivered Special Graduation Package to 112 Dignity Students | As a graduated degree and master student once, I am familiar with a graduation certificate delivered to a graduate's home upon request. But it is seldom to hear this kind of thing happens among primary school students, thus with special care taken.

Have you ever imagined, to get your graduation certificate direct to your home extra with your photo and some extra merchandise from a popular local brand? It can be possible during this COVID-19 pandemic. Teleport, the logistics venture of airasia digital, has teamed up with Dignity for Children Foundation (Dignity) for a special delivery to commemorate the graduation of their students - a rite of passage many students look forward to attending and celebrating.

AirAsia’s Teleport Delivered Special Graduation Package to 112 Dignity Students
Sufai, a Standard six student of Dignity for Children Foundation, received a huge surprise when his graduation scroll, photo and care package were delivered by none other than Teleport CEO, Pete Chareonwongsak. A firm believer in the power of education, Pete decided that Teleport should partner Dignity to make graduation memorable even during a pandemic!

Not wanting their Standard Six graduates to miss out on their milestone achievement due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Dignity for Children Foundation, an organization that provides quality education and holistic care to underprivileged students, reached out to Teleport to deliver special graduation packs to their graduates. 

Teleport CEO Pete Chareonwongsak said, “It is a great joy to be able to provide these students with a special delivery to commemorate their education milestone. Dignity has played a great role in nurturing their graduating students. We are grateful for this opportunity to play a meaningful part by delivering their graduation pack.

Dignity for Children Foundation CEO and Co-Founder  Petrina Shee said, “We are extremely grateful to Teleport for stepping up and supporting us in making these special deliveries possible.  Many of these students had worked extremely hard to graduate despite the challenges they faced. It is wonderful that together we are able to make the event memorable for them.”

On 9th December, Teleport’s delivery team known as Teleporters delivered a special graduation package to all 112 Dignity students residing within the Klang Valley area.

The graduation package comprised the students’ graduation certificates and their photo, airasia fresh and airasia food’s merchants - Pihapi, Cakeissweet and Pretty Baked by Em also contributed to Dignity’s care packages to the students to make the occasion more memorable and special. 

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  1. Tahniah Teleport AA..sangat membantu...

  2. rare ni sijil dihantar terus depan pintu rumah. Terbaik service dari AA ni


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