You Still Can Get Your McD Fix with foodpanda

foodpanda Has Got Your McDonald’s Cravings Covered – New Voucher Offers 40% Discount on McDonald’s Orders | Looking for your McDonald’s fix but suddenly short on options to get it delivered to your doorstep? foodpanda has got you covered! 

Makan Mekdi to your heart’s content or shall we say tummy with the new MCPANDA voucher code. Use the code now to enjoy 40% discount on any orders from McDonald’s of RM22 and over with a maximum discount of RM10.

You Still Can Get Your McD Fix with foodpanda

This MCPANDA voucher code is valid while stocks last. 

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  1. wokeeiii esok kita order mcd guna ffodpanda hehehe

  2. tak pernah dapat guna code voucher foodpanda. memanjang invalid. huhu


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