Dinner at Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Melaka

Dinner at Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Melaka | Masih lagi cerita Melaka. Sabor eh, lagi dua entri je lepas ni, dah boleh move on ke negeri lain. Hahaha. Sabtu lepas, kami makan malam kat Ramada Plaza Melaka. Sebelum makan malam, pihak hotel berbesar hati menjemput kami meninjau bilik-blik hotel dan Ramada Plaza Club Lounge untuk tetamu VVIP diorang. Sebelum kita tunjuk gambar makanan, jom tengok dulu bilik kat Ramada Plaza Melaka dan kemudahan yang disediakan untuk tetamu kat sini.


Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Melaka, a historical hotel spanning over 30 years is a five-star luxury hotel by Wyndham Hotel and Resorts, the world's largest hotel group providing a comfortable escape into timeless luxury situated within a vibrant historic city with blends of old world charm and modern elegance. Ideally located within the vicinity of iconic historical landmarks, it is the perfect allure for local and international travelers and visitors.

Hotel room at Ramada Plaza Melaka

With 294 lush and spacious rooms overlooking either the winding Melaka river and its surroundings or the extensive view of Chinatown and the Straits of Malacca, it is equipped with single, double and suite accommodations. With a myriad of tasteful facilities for unwinding and relaxing, it is an ideal hotel to complete ones' journey through Melaka. Experience the graceful charm of the lobby, to the richness of its warm elegant rooms, impeccable services and three award-winning outlets, where nothing beats an arduous day than freshly brewed coffee or a sumptuous daily themed buffet array at Zest, its' all-day dining restaurant, feasting on authentic Chinese cuisine at our award-winning Long Feng Chinese Restaurants, satisfying ones' Italian cravings at the Olio Italian Restaurant or winding down at Famosa Lounge with its enticing cocktails to end the day with the entertainment from our in-house 2 piece band/singers.

View from Ramada Plaza Melaka swimming pool area

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Melaka is playing an enthusiastic role in supporting the campaign launched by Tourism Melaka to attract more visitors to the State in 2019. We are indeed the 'Gateway to Historic Malaysia' and I commend the efforts of our Chief Minister Adly Zahari and Tourism Melaka General Manager Zairi Suboh to support our thriving tourism sector. I am confident that Visit Melaka Year 2019 will be an outstanding success"  says General Manager, Mr. Klaus Sennik.

The government's tourism vision targets some 36 million arrivals in 2020, generating TM 168 billion in tourism receipts. The Visit Melaka 2019 programme is welcome and timely to attract a greater proportion of these visitors to Melaka.

Melaka is located on the southwest of Peninsular facing the coastal of Straits of Melaka. The state is divided into three districts i.e. Central Melaka, Alor Gajah, and Jasin. It has an international airport located in Batu Berendam and is 1 1/2 hours or 148km away from Kuala Lumpur metropolitan city and about 3 hours or 245km from Singapore. Melaka today is well vast into development especially in tourism and industrialization with inventors rapidly venturing into investments that lead to thousands of job opportunities.

Swimming pool at Ramada Plaza Melaka

Property features include a spacious and inviting lobby with a reception area to welcome its guests, 9ft deep adult swimming pool with a child swimming pool suitable for young families, a gym and fitness center equipped with the latest equipment, hair salon and spa for those wanting to treat themselves to a relaxing massage , as well as state of the art meeting space consisting of 12 warm and inviting function rooms including a junior and grand ballroom, handled by a team of event managers ready to serve you.

Female Lounge di Ramada Plaza Melaka

Rooms features include amenities such as complimentary high-speed internet access, hairdryer, flat- screen televisions with free movie channels, roll-away beds, iron/ironing board, bathroom facilities and tea/coffee making facilities, mini bar, housekeeping and room service and many more. An exclusive club lounge is situated at its highest floor overlooking scenic views for private check-in, breakfast and cocktails, specially catered for the club room guests.

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Melaka is proud to be the recipient of the Melaka Green Awards (hotel category) for 3 years consecutively (2015-2017) through its green initiatives and efforts to ensure greater environmental sustainability. The hotel has also received recognition as the preferred hotel for online travelers for the year 2017 & 2018 through its booking partners, Ctrip, Agoda, Booking and Hotles.com as well as from TripAdvisors travelers choice award.

Ramada Club Lounge di Ramada Plaza Melaka

Discover UNESCO world heritage sites and historical attraction such as The Stadhuys, St. Francis/Christ Church, St. Paul's hill, A Famosa Fort, Hang Li Po well, Kg. Hulu Mosque (oldest mosque in Malaysia) setting off from the hotel's central location and obtain the assistance from the Concierge desk for complimentary shuttle service to main attractions such as Jonker Street, the Melaka river and shopping centers within mere minutes.

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Melaka strives to provide excellent service and caring experience for all its guests enabling us to be your home away from home.

Email them today at sales@ramadaplazamelaka.com  or call at +(06) 2848888 to make this hotel your ideal destination and just leave the rest to them.


Ok, lepas melawat bilik hotel dan Ramada Plaza Club Lounge, kami ke Long Feng Chinese Restaurant, sebuah restoran makanan Cina kat hotel ni. Makan malam dengan pihak Tourism Malaysia, disajikan dengan menu-menu signature bertemakan Chinese food. Jemput tengok gambar.

Sedap sangat Chicken Curry with Mantou Bun dia! Seriusss rasa tak cukup aje roti tu. Tapi, kena la tahan diri dari ambil lagi, kang orang lain tak dapat rasa pulak kesedapannya. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Szechuan soup tu agak pedas bagi saya. Tak pernah makan Szechuan soup yang pedas, tu la pertama kali tau! Agaknya sebab berada di negeri Melaka, makanan Cina pun pedas jugak. Tauhu dengan salted egg tu pun sedapppp! Unik sangat rasa dia!

Tapi sedih tak sempat nak rasa dessert dia, sago with ice cream. Masa dia angkat ke meja, semua da nak beredar ke destinasi seterusnya. Lain kali kami rasa tau!

Terima kasih Ramada Plaza Melaka!

Ramada Plaza Melaka



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