SDS New Products & Promotions - March 2019

SDS New Products & Promotions - March 2019 | New promotions are launched by SDS in March 2019. Please refer the following info and arrange your eating-out throughout the month!

*New Products

1. Purple Series – Launched 1st Mar, 10% discount 1/3 – 15/3

It is Purple-licious!! Enjoy healthier food with SDS NEW, Purple Series! 10% discount available from 1 Mar to 15 Mar!!


1. Women’s Day Specials (Café) – Available on 6 Mar – 8 Mar

Happy International Women’s Day!! Hey Women, enjoy 38% discount on selected items when you dine-in SDS Café! Don’t forget to scan QR and follow SDS WeChat official account to entitle discount! Lovely fragrant roses are ready to be given away to female customer wearing pink or purple on 8th March too! While stocks last!

2. Women’s Day Specials – Pandan Chiffon Promotion – Period: 6 – 8/3/2019

All-time favourite, SDS Pandan Chiffon is on hot sale now! Get it at RM3.80 only at SDS from 6 Mar to 8 Mar!

3. Japanese Light Cheese Promo – Period 1 – 31/3/2019

Say CHEESE and enjoy SDS tasty Japanese Light Cheese now at lower price! Get it today at RM11.20 only!




P/S: New Products dengan Promotion nombor 3 tu masih sempat lagi nak grab tau!

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  1. Eeee terliurnyaa..
    Nak juga belilah yang purple tu..jomm lee kitaaa...

  2. ooohhhooohoi semua pun mau kaler pepel. ahahaha comel =D


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