Boat Noodle is Set to Open More Outlets by 2022

Boat Noodle is Set to Open More Outlets by 2022 | Currently at 47 stores nationwide, Boat Noodle plans to open more than 20 stores with attractive restaurant interior and menu selections in the next two to three years.

L-R: Mr. Moo Yee Chin (Head of Retail Management), Mr. Mohd Juhaizam (Head of Sales) and Mr. Hisham Saleh (Head of Marketing)

Boat Noodle officially opened its fourth outlet at The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey Johor Bahru, a new shopping district of vibrant lifestyle and amenity-rich community in the heart of Johor yesterday. The 1,643 sqft restaurant is boost with essences of Malaysia and Thailand that can be seen in the interior furnishings of the restaurant. Boat Noodle is also available in other parts of Johor Bahru; Angsana Johor Bahru Mall, Aeon Mall Bandar Dato’ Onn, Komtar JBCC and is planning to open two more outlets in Johor within the next six months.

The humble eatery started selling small bowls of kuai tiao ruea or Thai boat noodles five years ago. These dishes are a popular delicacy in Thailand and Malaysians and have jumped on the popular trend. It's signature stacking of bowls has seen dominated the local social media sphere for the past couple of years owing to the uniqueness of its small portion and the many bowls one can stack.

While the craze for Thai boat noodle simmers, Boat Noodle continues to bring Thai Street food to the market with its newer dishes on their menu.

Launching the Boat Noodle outlet at The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey Johor Bahru was officiated by Mr. Moo Yee Chin (Head of Retail Management), Mr. Mohd Juhaizam (Head of Sales) and Mr. Hisham Saleh (Head of Marketing), in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

L-R: Mr. Ezekiel Ananthan (Head Of Research & Development) and Mr. Hisham Saleh (Head of Marketing)

“This year, Boat Noodle celebrates Ramadan with the introduction of a menu inspired by the street eats of Bangkok, Thailand. Talad Rod Fai, or rather the Ratchada Train Market offers a variety of treats ranging from delicate finger foods to authentic Thai dishes packed with gusto. In the spirit of festivity, we bring the vibrant experience of being in a night market as such to you”, said Mr. Hisham Saleh, Head of marketing, Boat Noodle, with confidence that this will escalate the brand in the eyes of fellow Malaysians.

The launch then followed by a food demonstration by Boat Noodle in an interactive session with the audience. The new menu called the Ratchada Dulang is created in conjunction with the Ramadan festivities. The themed menu highlights the dishes’ abundance of unique flavours to compliment the varieties of Thai boat noodles such as Ayutthaya & Pathumthani.

Reminiscent to the unique experience of feasting in a busy market atop rusted train tracks, the Ratchada Dulang menu aims to promote the harmonious expression of eating together, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

The menu features the Ratchada Dulang, a large dish consisting of crispy fried Soi Polo chicken, papaya som tum, enoki mushrooms, wonton, meatballs (chicken or beef), fresh Thai ulam, Ratchada rice and two dipping sauces; pulut rice and the Bangkok sauce.

To tell you the truth, this menu is something extraordinary! I love the keriuk-keriuk enoki mushrooms and wanton which has been combined together with the Ratchada rice and sauces. I like the pulut rice sauce, more than the Bangkok sauce. Just dip the crispy fried Soi Polo chicken in the sauce to taste the sour-and-spicy-ness. You should try this menu during Ramadhan ya!

The Dulang is available for order in all outlets from 3rd May 2019 until 7th June 2019 and includes takeaways for customers who wish to share this meal for breakfast in the comfort of their own homes. The Ratchada Dulang is priced from RM35.90.

Last but not least, the More-eh special features a 15% discount for Boat Noodle’s tasty chicken wings and Sangkayaa (decadent bread with Thai pandan and custard) at selected outlets which will be opened till 12 am for the supper crowd after Terawih prayers.

Located on LG-03 floor, the Boot Noodle outlet at The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey Johor Bahru is now open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. For more information, customers are welcome to visit the official website at http://boatnoodle.com.my.

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