Savour Exquisite Mooncakes from Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel this Mid-Autumn

Savour Exquisite Mooncakes from Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel this Mid-Autumn | To celebrate the historic Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival on 13th September 2019, Wan Li Chinese Restaurant of Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel has come out with a new mooncake box design for traditional baked and snow skin mooncake -  a renowned Chinese delicacy, traditionally gifted, served and indulge in the presences of a full moon to celebrate the Autumn harvest.

Mooncakes lover will surely love the varieties of mooncakes at Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel just how I love them. My favourites are the handcrafted snow skin mooncakes with Fresh Durian and Peppermint Chocolate Truffle. As for the traditional baked mooncakes, I love the one with Red Bean Paste the most, the rich taste of the red bean took me to the moon even it was day time ๐Ÿ˜†

Hahaha! Over betul!

Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel's Chef De Partie, Lim Pei Shi has introduced traditional baked mooncake varieties according to classic recipes. All mooncakes are handcrafted daily with fresh, fine-quality natural ingredients without preservatives. These include Pure Lotus Paste, Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, Lotus Paste with Double Yolk, Green Tea Paste with Single Yolk, Jade Custard, Assorted Fruits & Nuts and Red Bean Paste.

This year's handcrafted snow skin mooncake varieties include Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl, Coffee Truffle, Taro Paste Truffle, Green Tea Matcha Truffle, Passion Fruit Truffle, Peppermint Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry Frizzy Truffle and Lemon Truffle. The return of our all-time favourite Fresh Durian is also available for purchase as well.

Available for purchase from 19th July 2019 until 13th September 2019:
8 pieces assorted Snow Skin Mooncakes - RM98.00 nett
4 pieces traditional baked mooncakes - RM98.00 nett
8 pieces Fresh Durian mooncakes - RM168.00 nett


Enjoy the attractive promotion for the purchase of the mooncake in a single receipt; 15% discount for early bird purchase starting from 22th July 2019 until 5th August 2019, 15% discount for purchased above 25 boxes and 25% discount for purchase above 100 boxes. Also existing Club Marriot Member are entitled for a complimentary box of mooncake for every 8 boxes. Get a complimentary box of mooncake for every 9 boxes you purchase. Standard Chartered Bank and UOB Bank Card holder will get 15% and 20% discount respectively.

Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel's exquisite mooncake can be purchased directly at Wan Li Chinese Restaurant. For any pre-order:



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  1. Apa rasa mooncake? Rasa moon ke rasa cake?
    Kak yan ni sejenis yg susah nak telan benda baru...hihihi

    1. Rasa kuih yang padat gila kak..sedikit chewy but tak terlalu kenyal, sangat rich dan berat rasa dia..

  2. Baru nak order ni dengan Hezrin hehehehe...sedapnyaaa lahaiiii


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