Miles of Fun at the Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run

Miles of Fun at the Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run | Back for the eighth instalment, the Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run will return this year to the iconic Bukit Jalil National Stadium on August 17 evening.

Held annually to popular acclaim, the 12KM LIVE GREAT Run is a fan favourite among passionate runners who are eager to challenge themselves and beat their best personal times. Whereas the 5KM Triple Fun Run will bring runners through three unique zones – the Bubble Zone where the foam is non-toxic, gentle on the eyes and safe for all ages; the Colour Zone where a brand-new slime element made from corn starch and natural food dyes will be introduced in replacement of the coloured powder from previous years; and the Water Zone where participants can water down in. 

Participants can also look forward to a food festival, carnival games, and many other attractions like a giant snow globe, and airbrush tattoos for both children and adults. 

The Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run is one of the signature events under the Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Programme, the first integrated health and wellness initiative by an insurance company in the region. The run was designed not only to encourage people to achieve their fitness goals, but also to demonstrate that leading an active lifestyle can be a fun and meaningful way to spend quality time with their loved ones. 

Registration for the Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Run 2019 closes on July 28. The registration fee is RM79 for the 12KM LIVE GREAT Run and RM69 for the 5KM Triple Fun Run. Find out more and sign up now for a fun-filled evening with your loved ones at https://www.livegreatrun.com.

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  1. Sihatnya masuk lari-lari ni. Badan cergas :)

    1. ye betul...tahun lepas dan tahun sebelumnya, kita rajin jugak join...tapii tahun ni da tak join sangat dah...lari sendiri2 je..

  2. Replies
    1. hahahahha saya pun paling jauh pernah join 6km

  3. Hihi...teringin...tp tak yakin la...


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