Discover Malaysia At Your Fingertips

Discover Malaysia At Your Fingertips | CiEdge has unveiled a new app called XTVT, a smartphone application which has the ability to guide you on your travels around Malaysia. With the growing number of visitors, it has been identified that most tourists will make their way to the most popular attractions, disregarding the lesser-known locations. 

CiEdge hopes to connect travellers with the ever-growing number of locally-run activities - from experiencing the traditional ways of batik-making to witnessing baby turtles making their way out to sea. 

XTVT: Discover Malaysia Like a Local

XTVT consists of 12 different segments to this application which include Food, Beach, Diving, Climbing, Caving, Cultural, Parks & Trails, Nature, Theme Parks, Museum & Galleries, Shopping and Others, making it trouble-free and user-oriented for all-rounded tourists.

This smartphone app has the capability to navigate users to the nearest tourist hotspots with reference to the map, making travelling a breeze. XTVT Malaysia intends to widen booking prospects for traveling, along with expanding its offerings worldwide. 

XTVT, together with its affiliated partners such as Klook and Viator has enabled visitors to make bookings via the app, making sure that users will experience the convenience and efficiency of the app especially for tourists on-the-go.

To use the XTVT app, Travelers will need to download it on Google Play store for Android users or on the Apple App Store for IOS users.

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