Travel Around the World at Thursday Buffet Dinner @ Amaya Food Gallery, Amari Johor Bahru

Travel Around the World at Thursday Buffet Dinner @ Amaya Food Gallery, Amari Johor Bahru | Previously, I have shared about Friday Super Buffet at Amaya Food Gallery, one of the new buffet dinner promotions at Amari Johor Bahru until end of October this year. Thursday Around the World Buffet Dinner Buffet Dinner is not to be missed too!

Executive Chef Andy Oh and his talented chefs have prepared a feast for you guys if you come for a dinner here from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Around the World Buffet Dinner is at RM88 nett, while senior citizens aged 60 & above and kids from 6 to 12 years old get 50% off the price of the buffet. Surprisingly affordable, am I right?

My favourite station at Thursday Around the World Buffet Dinner was the carving station. They serve Slow Roasted Grass Fed Beef Strip Loin with Herbal Crusted Crumbs, Roasted Root of Vegetables with Peppercorn Gravy, Au Jus and Condiments here.

The Turkish Beef Moussaka tasted so good, you better don't leave this menu aside.

If you are craving for seafood, then you will not miss the Seafood on Ice section which consists of Fresh Tiger Prawns, Mussels and Flower Clams served with Thai Chilli Sauce, Cocktail Sauce and Hot Sauce.

At the live station, you can try the Thai Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam) made of shredded green papaya, chilli padi, dried shrimps, long beans, cherry tomatoes, lime juice, cashew nuts and Thai fish sauce.

For soups, the Cream of Leek and Potato Soup and the Indonesian Oxtail Soup are absolutely delicious. Don't forget to add some sambal belacan in your oxtail soup to make it fully Indonesian style.

There is also a fresh bread section, assorted crackers, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Thai Fish Cakes, Deep Golden Chicken Bun served with Chili Sauce and Condiments.

Check out the variety of pasta accompanied by Mushroom Ham Cream Sauce and Tomato Vegetable Sauce, Parmesan Cheese and Chilli Flakes.

Then, walk over the hot section, you will love the taste of

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Spanish Seafood Paella

Phad Thai Goong

Szechuan Boiled Fish

Italian Lamb Osso Buco

Aloo Gobi

Lala Masak Lemak Chilli Padi

Penang Char Koay Teow, and

Korean Kim Chee Fried Rice

Desserts include Apam Balik, Warm Apple Crumble, Bubur Cha Cha with Banana, Tiramisu, Kuih Muih and French Pastries. They also have special kids corner where kids can enjoy Fish Fingers, Tempura Chicken Nuggets and Cheese Potato Wedges.

Amaya Food Gallery is located on the 6th floor of the hotel. For restaurant reservations, call 072668888 or email: amaya.johorbahru@amari.com

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  1. Alu angan2 mau masak kamek nanga sgala cdak menu nok nyaman2 sia.😁

  2. MasyaAllah.. nampak sedap semua makanan tu. Tengok malam-malam ni jadi lapar pula heeee


    1. sekarang kita reply komen lak da tengahari..hahahah...nasibb baik masih kenyang sarapan pagi tadi

  3. Huissh. Turki Beef Moussaka tu cam best je!

  4. Jommm awak keliling dunia hari Sabtu pulak hahahahaha


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