Pan Pacific Singapore Attains 10,000 Guest Reviews on TripAdvisor®

Pan Pacific Singapore Attains 10,000 Guest Reviews on TripAdvisor® | Pan Pacific Singapore is proud to announce that it has reached its 10,000th guest review on TripAdvisor® - the world’s largest travel site. This comes after 15 years since the hotel was first listed on TripAdvisor®.

Dedicated to serving guests from around the globe with gracious and dependable hospitality, Pan Pacific Singapore is currently ranked 11th out of 340 Hotels in Singapore. It has been honoured with the TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence every year since 2012 and has earned its place in the TripAdvisor® Travellers’ Choice Award since 2013. Alongside its growing TripAdvisor® presence, Pan Pacific Singapore is also the proud winner of Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Award 2019, making the list as one of only nine hotels in the Four-Star category and among the 12 hotels in the Four and Five-Star categories in Singapore. It is also placed in the fifth spot in Cvent Top Asia Pacific Meeting Hotels 2019 list.

Consistently garnering great reviews from travellers, the hotel has been described on TripAdvisor® as “phenomenal,” “impressive,” and “highly recommended.” The infographic below, produced with data generated by TripAdvisor®, will provide greater insights into the reviewers’ profiles and commonly enjoyed hotel services and amenities:

The hotel invited its guests to celebrate the achievement together on 14 August 2019. Bright green TripAdvisor® balloons lined the walkway to the event venue where guests are greeted by a gigantic display of numeric gold foiled balloons forming the number “10,000”. Addressing the crowd, Mr. Kurt O. Wehinger, General Manager at Pan Pacific Singapore, took the opportunity to thank and recognise the effort and hard work of an incredibly dedicated group of associates who have been frequently highlighted for their extraordinary service on TripAdvisor®. The speech was followed by a cake cutting ceremony with a cake specially baked by the hotel’s in-house pastry team.

Thrilled to have written another chapter in the hotel’s legacy, Mr. Kurt O. Wehinger said, “Thank you to everyone who has shared their Pan Pacific Singapore experience with the world. Feedback is the number one barometer in measuring guest satisfaction and ranking among the most highly-rated hotels in Singapore reaffirms the hard work we put in every day to create memorable hotel experiences. Reading the incredible reviews have been absolutely humbling and motivating. It is no secret that we aspire to be the best in class and the overwhelming comments are what drives us to continue striving towards our goal.”

It seems only appropriate then to end with the 10,000th TripAdvisor review written by Kerri R. on 21 July 2019, which adds a great milestone to the hotel’s history:

“Extremely hospitable, friendly and polite welcome to the motel (sic). All of the staff go out of their way to assist you for a relaxing, comfortable and pleasant stay. Excellent view from my room. Fantastic service in the restaurants.”

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  1. hotel ni memang bagus .. cawangan dia pun banyak gila kat SG

    1. serius la banyak gila cawangan dia kat sana? perghhh

  2. Replies
    1. bila ada rezeki dan ditakdirkan duduk sini..hahaha

  3. Google hotel pan Pacific first line keluar blog kak sunah... terbaik!!!

    1. serious laaa...akak google terus tak keluar...hahahahah


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